Flood Clamity in District Narowal

Recent heavy rains resulted in inundation of a large area of District Narowal due to which 262 villages were affected. Accordingly to the latest statistics, 262 villages were affected. Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab visited flood hit areas in Zafarwal and Baddo Malhi. He was briefed about the magnitude of flood and torrential rains resulting in inundation of 262 villages and damage to dwellings.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Visit of Flood Hit Areas:

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif visited flood hit areas of Zafarwal and Baddo Malhi. He was pleased to issue directions to the local Administration to provide spare no effort in providing relief to the natives of flood hit areas regarding treatment of patients, vaccination, food hampers, fodder for the livestock etc.

Damage Assessment:

  1. 0% to 40%  = 188 houses
  2. 41% to 70% = 266 houses
  3. 71% to 80% = 196 houses
  4. 81% to 100% = 359 houses

Total houses damaged = 1009 (Download Report)

  • Assessment of road communication network (completed). 57 points breaches and road patches swept
  • Estimated cost is Rs.268.781 million
  • After liaison with Army Authorities, machinery of Pakistan Army has been mobilized and plugging of breaches has been started with effect from 16/09/2014.
  • As per survey report, 15 Health Institutions have been reported to be damaged by floods.
  • An amount of Rs.28.873 Million has been estimated for repair work of 114 educational institutions damaged due to floods/rains.
Flood Map District Narowal
Map showing extent of flood damages in District Narowal

Relief Operations:

  • Camps operational = 13 established (01 fully operational)
  • People in Relief Camps = Nil
  • Patients Treated = 27461
  • Food Hampers Distributed = 21055 (in hand 3355)
  • Tents = 60 (733 in hand)
  • Livestock Vaccination till now = 101744
  • Carcasses Buried = 02
  • Wanda Distributed = 1810 bags (540 bags in hand)
  • Fumigation intents = On going
  • Water sampling = 35
  • Deaths reported = 21
  • Compensation Paid to victim = Rs.29.200 million
  • Eighteen (18) Mobile Medical Teams are providing health services to the residents of flood affected villages.
  • Clean drinking water kits =149460 distributed
  • First phase of Polio and Measles completed. Second phase has been started w.e.f.14th Sep which includes indoor and outdoor spray.
  • EPI coverage is being ensured (15 days Schedule) 26007 shots given (Measles = 11353, OPV = 13291, TT=763)

Rehabilitation Operations:

  • Villages Affected = 262 villages
  • Houses Damages = 1009 (survey in progress)
  • Area Inundated = 30450 Acers (estimated). Detailed survey is at advanced stage)
  • All major roads are operational
  • No of Breaches (Irrigation) = Nil in irrigation system (however, 02 breaches in Nullahs Baen at Chakra & Nullah Deik at Zafarwal and Jaistiwala) which need to be filled.

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