Local Government (ADLG)





i) Collection of development schemes from the sponsor / MPAs / MNAs / Senators and will arrange meetings of the District Steering Committee being Secretary of the Committee.

ii) Submit the schemes cleared by the District Steering Committee ( in case of Punjab Development Programme ), before the District Development Committee for accord of Administrative Approval.

iii) Ensure submission of monthly progress reports through respective XEN to the Director General, Local Govt. Punjab.

iv) Staff Officer to District Coordination Officer in the implementation of Punjab Development Porgarmme and other official assignments as per directions issued by the Government from time to time.

v) To ensure / arrange annual audit by the competent forum.

vi) In addition to it ADLG Office is performing other duties assigned by the Provincial and District Govt. from time to time.


i) Collection of development schemes from the public representatives.

ii) Preparation of cost estimates & feasibility reports, PC-I of the development schemes, identified by the sponsors and its submission before the DDC for accord of Administrative Approval.

iii) Ensure payments after physical verification of development schemes. Assistant Engineer must check all measurements himself for work; while recommending running payments of bills to the Disbursing Officer and final payments of bills to the Executive Engineer the Assistant Engineer will sign following certificate in respect of all bills:-

“I have checked the bill 100% and satisfied myself that the physical work entered in this bill has been actually done according to approved scope /specifications and is in accordance with the detail entered therein.

iv) Assistant Engineer will also invited tenders for development schemes after completion of all codal formalities as laid down in Delegation of Finance Power ( Rules, 1990 ) under the supervision of XEN LG & CD.

v) Preparation of monthly progress reports for submission to the Director General, L.G. through concerned XEN.


For the financial yea 2009-10, 32.000 Million were received under Punjab Development Programme in the District Narowal, four constituencies of District. The Schemes are being executed after completion of codal formalities. The summary is as under:

Name of MPA No. of


Funds Released Expenditures Remarks
Ch. Awais Qasim Khan PP-132 16 8.000(M) 2.585858 Work in Progress
Dr. Tahir Ali Javaid PP-133 16 8.000(M) 0.824587 Work in Progress
Col. ® Muhammad Abbas Ch. PP-134 Nil Nil 0.000 Schemes are in Identification Process
Mrs. Samina Waseem Butt PP-135 13 8.000(M) 3.181123 Work in Progress
Col. ® Ch. Shujjat Ahmed Khan PP-136 15 8.000(M) 1.676729 Work in Progress
TOTAL 60 32.000(M) 8.268297

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